Fake Exeter Corned Beef Exposed


Consumers are advised to exercise caution as the Food and Drugs authority has seized expired corned beef re-labeled as Exeter Corned beef sold in markets in Accra.

The unknown brand is seen to have re-labeled the product as Exeter corned beef to attract unsuspicious consumers.

Quantities of the unknown corned beef brand were exposed and collected during the post-market surveillance activities of the FDA together with other unapproved products including those whose expiry dates have been cleaned.

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However, producers, marketers and food vendors are devising ways of ensuring food safety practices as the FDA organizes the first ever food safety conference.

In 2014, the FDA released a statement warning the public to desist from patronizing Exeter Corned beef manufactured in Argentina.

They announced that the authority had been informed that the Manufacturing Plant of Exeter Corned Beef in Argentina had been shut down for some time and the product was now being manufactured in Brazil.

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